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    them over the heads of ladies whom they wished to favor with their attentions, and the ladies did likewise towards the gentlemen. Nearly all the ladies and some of the gentlemen carried atomizers filled with perfumery. When one found an atomizer aimed at his face it was the proper t

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    hing to stand firm, receive the spray without wincing, and then join in the laugh which followed. The effect of the egg-shells and atomizers was to make the party very sociable and agreeable and break the ice of formality." [Pg 543] Mr. Wilson was called away at this moment, and co

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    nsequently the talk about Honduras came suddenly to an end. BIRD'S-EYE VIEW OF THE NICARAGUA CANAL. Then the youths turned their attention to Nicaragua, and especially to the proposed ship-canal which is to make use of Lake Nicaragua for a part of its route. On this subject they

    at a ball
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questioned Doctor Bronson, and received the following reply: PROFILE OF NICARAGUA CANAL. "The idea of an interoceanic canal originated soon after

in New Yo

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the Spanish Conquest. In 1550 Galvo, a Portuguese navigator, presented a plan for such a canal, and pointed out four possible routes, those of Darien, Pan

rk, and the ladi

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ama, Nicaragua, and Tehuantepec, and it is a singular circumstance that no other routes have been discovered since his time. The world

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's commerce then and for more than 200 years afterwards was not sufficient to justify the construction of a canal, and the first step towards such a work wa

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ing reception in Par


s taken in 1779, when Lord Nelson seized the mouth of the San Juan River, in Nicaragua, as a preliminary to the control of the river and lake, and the opening of a water-way across the isthmus. A SECTION OF T


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